The Truth about Benghaz

You want the truth about BENGHAZ?  Well so do I.
Those hearings were a joke, it sounding more like the OJ Simpson trial than a serious Top Echelon Governmental Hearing. I watched the whole thing, and my impression of it was that all of these people were typical spineless lifetime politicians who let Hillary run the show instead of the other way around. “What Difference Does It Make”?    How is the would did they let her get away with a comment like that!  That was  absolutely disgusting!  Honesty, integrity, and taking responsibility, no longer exists in this Governments administration.  And what happened to the men who Obama promised to “Bring to Justice”?
Obama and Hillary stood in the Rose Garden and lied. They stood before
the coffins as they arrived back into the US and lied. They sent out
cronies to lie. Obama spoke at the UN and lied. Hillary lied to
Bottom line, additional security was requested numerous times in the months leading up to this tragedy and Hillary and the Obama administration denied the request. Why?

Why?  I’ll tell you why! Why? The environment was extremely volatile and dangerous and yet the State Department under Hillarýs command couldńt be bother to ensure the safety of its employees and the American contractors working there. For that reason alone Hillary has proven that she is totally unfit to serve in any capacity in the government. She should be held accountable for her wretched record of non-achievement and inability to do her job.

A Secretary of State should make it top priority to make sure every employee stationed overseas has adequate security. Hillarýs denial of security in proven hostile territory should be a permanent stain on her character making her unfit for ANY further public position, this moron could have sent help during that nine hour attack — yes, nine hours, but didn’t do anything!

This woman is weak and without character. All she cares about and always cared about was her  political ambitions. But shes going to have to live with the fact that she and her BOSS are solely responsible for this massacre. That is her legacy and may it follow her all the days of the rest of her life. Everything she has done in her life has been for political ambition. She is a pathetic horrible women, who deserves, for once in her life, to be held accountable for lives of those men she sentenced to death when she denied them proper security or failed to order them to return home.


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